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Through this website you can find out about the Dragon Realm and how the dragons can assist you in your life.

Founder Alphedia Arara has channelled many dragon workshops which you can listen to in recorded form, talks and runs Dragon retreats. Keep an eye on the upcoming events page for new workshops.

We sell stunning hand carved Dragon skulls, handmade Dragon Aura Sprays, and the powerful meditation tool called Ascension Spheres.

The Hatchling by Chris Down

The-Hatchling by Chris Down

The Dragons are calling out to Lightworkers at this time to remember them! These powerful beings of transformation are offering to heal us and mother Earth. Find out what the Dragons wish you to know about your life and your Divine Path by booking a personal Dragon Soul Channeling with Alphedia Arara or a Dragon Skull Healing session with Anka the 10.5 inch Scottish Serpentine Dragon Skull.


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